The way Minding Ones Unique Business enterprise Assists Anyone Grow 

6 Reasons Why mind Your Own Business Is The Greatest Advice Ever Given

So Silicon Valley embraced mindfulness with a twinge of contrition. Not only did its corporate culture encourage something called “geek syndrome,” but its products seemed to spread that same derangement to everyone else. The devices that were supposed to make us smarter and more connected to other humans were actually messing with our minds, causing “net brain” and “monkey mind,” as well as physical disorders associated with long hours of sitting. Where brilliance and creativity had formerly reigned, there were, by the turn of the millennium, suspicions of pathology. Child psychiatrists began to drop “bipolarity” as a default diagnosis and turn their attention to attention itself. But as we began to spend more and more of our time interacting with mood-less programs and devices, psychiatry seems to have turned from emotional concerns like bipolarity, which is a “mood disorder,” to cognitive problems like ADD and ADHD.

Keep drawing outer circles like ripples for each level of people affected, and see where you fall on the chart. Dear Eze, I’m so glad that you feel inspired by my article. I don’t know of a book that approaches Minding Your Own Business in the way that I outlined. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or stay tuned for on-line classes that I offer. There are people in your life that will always have your best interest at heart, so it is important to value those opinions. However, often times there are people in your life that seem to be on your side, but when push comes to shove, they will judge you harder than your worst critic.

You also shouldn’t interrupt people’s conversations to give your opinion if they don’t ask you. People who are unable to mind their own business are most likely internally miserable. They seek to find faults within others just to make themselves feel better. Offering insight to a friend whose present situation seems distressed can be helpful at times but there is only so much advice you can give without pushing the limits. Even if you don’t agree with what someone else is doing sometimes, you need to take a backseat and let them make their own mistakes.

Lynda has taught Image Consulting courses at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada. She is the co-author of the book, “Business Success With Ease,” where she shares her knowledge about, ‘The Power of Professional Etiquette.’ This article has been viewed 301,029 times. To mind your own business, avoid talking about issues that don’t directly affect you, since this might help spread false rumors. For example, if you’ve heard that a friend of a friend has gotten pregnant, don’t tell other people the news, as it doesn’t involve you. Try to only share positive news, like if someone you know won a sports competition or got into a good college. You shouldn’t offer advice to anyone about their personal life unless they ask for it so you don’t risk upsetting them.

They might not be based on reality or not be legitimate for the current situation. Think about how much energy it takes to go through every piece of junk mail, all the special offers, all the fine print, and all the sales flyers. Instead, most of us just take a quick glance at the mail each day to see what actually needs our attention, and we recycle or throw out the rest. When we mind our own business, we save a lot of energy because we are focused on what we want instead of what we don’t want.

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